About Us

About Us

What is a “Mom on 11?”

To be a “Mom on 11” can have many different meanings. It could mean that you take on too many tasks, either by choice, by necessity, or by default. (Both Econ-mom (EM) and Law-mom (LM).)

It could mean you are going back to school to pursue your dream career, while raising children with special needs. (EM.)

It could mean you have a Type-A people-pleasing personality which compels you to try to be all things, for all people, all of the time. (LM.)

It could mean that you try to make all your children’s meals look like a Pinterest photoshoot. (Neither EM nor LM.)

Regardless of your brand or flavor, being a “Mom on 11” means that you have dialed it up a notch above 10

This blog will explore what it means to be a working professional mother in the 21st Century. While we acknowledge that all mothers work (whether inside the home for no pay, or outside the home for pay), this blog will focus primarily on the travails of working-outside-the-home-mothers. We also acknowledge that that fathers can be caregivers. This blog is also not about that. “Moms on 11” is unapologetically focused on what it means to be a working, professional mother today.

Econ-mom (left) and Law-mom (right), circa 1984.

About Econ-mom (EM):

EM was a curious kid who loved Star Trek, marching band, and standardized tests. (Really. She spent an entire summer making vocabulary flashcards for the SAT.) When she started college she couldn’t decide what to do, because she wanted to major in everything.  This may have been cute when she was 17, but she is now in her mid-thirties and the “perpetual student” jokes are starting to wear thin.  She lives in San Diego with her husband and two boys.  Despite the beautiful weather there, she is often holed up in a coffee shop trying to finish her dissertation for her economics PhD.

About Law-mom (LM):

As a child, LM played “office” more than “house,” which was probably an indicator that she would not, in fact, end up being a full-time work-at-home mom (WAHM)** — as much as she thought that was what she wanted for herself. Now she lives in the suburbs, juggling two jobs as an attorney, along with parenting two elementary school aged children, schlepping them to all their activities, fitting in her hobbies, which include trying to lose the baby weight (insert canned laughter) and singing in church. In her “spare” time, she talks with EM about all the realities that make being a “Mom on 11” a…challenge.


**We do not like the term “stay-at-home mom,” because, again, ALL moms work.