Addendum to “Why Am I Vaccine Skeptical?”

Seasons Greetings, MOE Readers,

As I type this, my children are driving themselves, each other, and me insane with their adventures in the kitchen, baking not one…not two…not three…but FOUR Christmas pies – with homemade gluten free pie crust to top the mess off. So far, we’ve overcome missing ingredients, missing parchment paper, fights over parchment paper, spilled flour all over the kitchen floor, a declaration that SC2 is “NOT BAKING ANYMORE PIES!!!” through yelling and tears, and a burn.

It is just after 10:30 in the morning. It’s going to be a long day. (I’m working through all this chaos, too.)

Peace on Earth. Goodwill to All!

I am posting an article and a video that I find informative about the new mRNA vaccines.

I recommend this video to anyone who still has questions about the safety and efficacy of the new COVID vaccine. It very clearly explains, in laymen’s terms, why the new vaccines are safe. Watching it made me feel better about taking the vaccine, when The Hub and I can finally get it. (To my knowledge, children under the age of 16 can’t get it, anyway; and they are not recommending people with severe anaphylactic reactions receive the Pfizer vaccine at this time. So, my skepticism, insofar as it could be harmful for my severely allergic child, is presently somewhat of a moot point.)

In addition, this article is interesting insofar as they think they know what is causing these rare allergic reactions in some people.

Last, but not least, I also just wanted to say that, like the article says, my last post, was: “intended for those who understand vaccines as critical to maintaining their health and that of their families. It is NOT intended for those who are anti-vaccine and as such is NOT intended to foster a discussion on the merits of vaccines in this forum. It is also NOT intended to foster a discussion of the lethality of COVID-19 or the need for civic action to limit the spread of the disease.

I just wanted to clarify that, in case it was not clear in my last post.

Cheers! And happy holidays!


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