Blogging Through COVID-19

Dear MOE Readers,

We are hunkering down in this part of the United States. Here in the southwest, it has felt like our leadership has taken its sweet time to take this global pandemic seriously, but I am grateful our leaders finally took steps to close our schools through March 27th. I’m anticipating school will be closed longer. But I’m taking a day-by-day approach to how I react to this new emerging catastrophe that will impact all of us.

In the meanwhile, I am determined to appreciate each day, because if there was ever a time to stay focused on what is truly important, now is the time.

I am grateful for the following:

  1. The opportunity to slow down and appreciate my husband and my children.
  2. That I already do and can work from home.
  3. The orange blossoms are starting to bloom. Their fragrance is heaven.
  4. Modern technology that makes telecommuting and communication with friends and family possible.

Laughter is good medicine, so I am going to try to post some humorous posts during this challenging time. I hope everyone can appreciate the humor, even in all the hard.

I will be praying for all of us. Stay well! -Law-Mom

Econ-Mom: I have some things to say about COVID-19 and attempting to home-school my children while working full time from home, but they are definitely not in keeping with your focus on being grateful! They mostly involve 4-letter words. Today was Day 1 for us, and honestly it was very stressful. I am wishing that some of my work deadlines would let up, given all that’s going on – but I will try my best to remain grateful by remembering that having “too much work” is a really good problem to have these days while folks in the restaurant industry, etc., are being laid off and small business owners are suffering. And MOST importantly we have our health, which I am extremely grateful for.

Law-Mom: I really do “feel your pain,” Econ-Mom, because I’ve been that mom working with young kids at home for so many years in the past. So, I do get it. You have all my empathy and sympathy from afar. Hugs!

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