Day 2: Already Feeling Improvement

Hi MOE Readers,

I know I said that I was going to post my status updates on our Facebook page, but I wanted to share a little bit more about yesterday than just “I did it!” I also don’t want to make this blog all about my dietary and pain management efforts. However, I think how we, as moms, take care of ourselves is a hugely important piece of the puzzle in being Moms on 11. We all know that if we feel like our best selves, we can be better parents (and employees, wives, daughters, friends, etc.) So, I think this fits with the general theme of our blog. And if I can provide inspiration for anyone out there who is also struggling with weight loss and/or joint pain, I want to be an encouragement to you!

So, here we go!

When I woke up yesterday morning, my back pain was gone from the night before, but it still hurt to walk. That’s when I decided to go sugar-free and gluten-free until my doctor’s appointment and write my blog post to keep myself resolute throughout the day.

By the way, when I talk about my joint/hip pain, I am not talking about the excruciating, unlivable pain that I know some people suffer.  But it’s bad enough that it is wearing. And it is bad enough, that sometimes I will not exercise, because repetitive movement exacerbates it, which is what bothers me the most about it.

Despite the (mostly left) hip pain, I still went walking yesterday, and I enjoyed a beautiful long walk in which I stopped to take a dozen or so pictures of the flowers.


But by the end of the walk, my hip was really aching and I worried I had overdone it.

And then something truly miraculous happened: at around 2:00 in the afternoon, my hip pain totally went away! (Okay, I still felt – and feel – it an itsy bit, but comparatively it is gone!) So, was it my sugar-free, gluten-free diet for the day? I obviously can’t know for sure, but the early and almost miraculous results are keeping me motivated!

[Note: I have gone sugar-free, as well as gluten-free before. But I’m not sure I’ve ever done them both at the same time.]

So, how did I stay strong, especially when I had to take my kids to a “Boo Bash” PTO fundraiser last night where there was pizza and cupcakes? Well, for starters, my pain-free evening kept me motivated.  But also, I planned ahead. I made chili in the mid-afternoon and ate it shortly before I left, so I wasn’t the teensiest bit hungry while watching the kids stuff their faces with pizza.

Last but not least, I decided to buy some bone broth protein powder and Glucosamine with Turmeric. (I bought them on Amazon, so I won’t get to start taking them until Day 3 or 4.) I also was taking a collagen supplement (“Trim” by Modere) about a month ago that made my left shoulder stop clicking when I swam, so I decided to buy more of that, too. (“Trim” is also supposed to help you lose weight by blocking fat storage. I did lose a couple pounds while taking it — most of which I promptly gained back the following month — but I figure it was worth trying again.)

In short, Day 1 was a success! We’ll see how well Day 2 goes. Happy Saturday!

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