default parent  – 1. The parent who handles the majority of the parenting load. 2. The parent your child goes to first when they want something.

DH – Econ-mom’s Dear Husband

Mom on 11 – 1. A mom who is also very likely the “default parent.” She works harder than most and puts forth her best effort in as much as she can, to the best of her ability. 2. A mom who is very likely maxed out to the full extent of her physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities. 3. A mom who has “push[ed] [the boundaries parenting] over the cliff.” (See “Spinal Tap” movie clip).

The Hub Law-mom’s dear husband

SC1  – Law-mom’s first child (Sweet Child #1)

SC2 – Law-mom’s second child (Sweet Child #2)

WAHM  – “Work At Home Mom” – A mom who performs all domestic labor (housework and childcare) for no pay.

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