Law-Mom’s Purse: September 26, 2018:
When I looked inside my purse yesterday, I was impressed by the sheer volume of stuff I saw inside of it, including a water bottle and sparkling water can, so I decided it was time for another round of “What’s Inside Your Purse This Week?”
I like tissues.
And Altoids.
And hand sanitizer.
And hand wipes. (There are two there. Sometimes kids – and adults – make big messes.)
Also, you can always use sunscreen (that’s a sunscreen stick that looks like deodorant), bandaids, aspirin, Zycam, and two pairs of sunglasses.  Just in case.
This looks like a “Veteran Mom’s” purse, if you ask me. It’s there when you need it! The more the merrier! Likely not to run out!
This is not all that was inside my purse. There were plenty of pens, highlighters, and papers (some of which I tossed). But except for the book of Walgreens’ coupons and the warm refreshments,  I put it all back in. Ha!
From Fall 2017:
I think it’s time for another round of “What’s Inside Your Purse This Week?”
It’s been quite awhile since I (Law-mom) cleaned out my purse, so this should be interesting….
This picture is like a treasure hunt!
What you can’t really see well on the right are 3 black gloves.
6 highlighters (5 blue, one pink)
A bent brass finial – the cleaning crew that came through my home before Thanksgiving somehow broke it (and I saved as evidence in case they didn’t pay for my lamp repair; I can toss it now, because they did)
That pesky barrette that will never get to its rightful owner
2 Altoids boxes
A mini pharmacy (Kleenex, Wet Wipes (in the plastic bag under the 3 gloves), aspirin, chapstick, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, static guard, stain remover, allergy meds (hidden by the kleenex))
4 pens/pencils
One Twizzler
And a partridge in a pear tree.
Note: My purse is really not that big, and this photo does not include all the things that actually belong in my purse: wallet, cell phone, glasses case, lipsticks, office pass….I’m impressed by how much I jammed into it but am feeling like I need a bigger purse, because the mini pharmacy is actually quite useful!
 Law-mom‘s Purse:
4 McDonald’s BBQ Sauce packets
a toothbrush
a watch that needs a new battery
a barrette that belongs to another child that needs to be returned
earrings that got annoying
a very white looking “Native American” foam sticker
Econ-mom’s Purse:
I looked in my purse after Law-mom posted this and lo and behold I found… a giant rock! After snapping this photo I put the rock outside.  But never fear, my 3 year old brought home another one for me from school that very day.
P.S. No, I will not be posting a picture of the entire contents of my purse, since it’s mostly crushed up Cheez-Its, and that is just embarrassing and gross.