Laughing at Ourselves

The following is collection of our funniest moments of the week so far:

My youngest, Sweet Child 2 (SC2), is an extrovert and a control freak. I present to you what happens when you self-isolate an extroverted control freak:

She labeled and separated the upper shelves, too, with blue paint tape. The organizing happened on Monday. Then, Tuesday at dinner:

SC2: “Well, SOMEBODY [looking at me] didn’t put the bread back, where is was CLEARLY labeled….” said in her most bossy, eye-rolling voice she’s owned since she was two and couldn’t gutteralize (not a word) most consonants.

The Hub: “I told you Mom was never going to put stuff back where it belongs. She’s a non-conformist.” Looking at me: “If you were a mechanic, you’d be fired almost immediately.”

SC1, joining in: “Here, let me just put this wrench in with the screwdrivers….Even though it’s very clearly labeled screwdrivers.”

Me: Laughing hysterically. (I don’t do these things on purpose, honestly.)

SC1: “You are just like Penn Holderness. Where are my keys? Where’s my wallet? Where’s my phone?”

Me: Still laughing…”I know! That’s why I sometimes wonder if I have ADD, too!” (I once found my phone in the fridge.)

And if that all wasn’t funny enough for you (maybe it’s just funny to me, because I can laugh at myself), the kids seriously cracked up about 100 times watching this gem.

While chatting with my brother this week, I started cracking up on the phone just telling him about the second video (“Panic Mode v. Moron Mode”). The reason this video is particularly funny to our family, is because we happen to have family members who fall into both camps. I have a cousin with freeze-dried food and hazmat suits ready to use. Meanwhile, my brother, who is also a complete GERMAPHOBE, was recently on two airplanes, at a podfest conference in Florida, and went to Disney World, has literally been dousing himself with rubbing alcohol, but also continuing to work with the public out of necessity. Laughing with me, he quipped: “Yea, I’m like Panic-Mode in my personal life, but Moron-Mode in my daily living activities.” And that made me laugh some more.

I hope you can find some laughter today, too. There’s nothing light or funny about this pandemic. But…let’s face it: We are all going to die, whether from this pandemic or not. Therefore, has anything really changed? Not really. Just our outward lives have changed. But our inner lives — what we think about and how we handle change — do not need to. My feelings about life and death are not affected by this crisis, because, in my opinion, it doesn’t change anything about where we all end up.

I’m not saying this all isn’t hard.

I spent the beginning of 2020 reading a wonderful book, “Imagine Heaven,” by John Burke. I have always believed in life after death, and I have read nearly every NDE book on the market, but his book was one of the best I have ever read on the topic. Therefore, I will mourn with those who are mourning and weep with those who are weeping. But I will not face our new surreal reality without finding the joy and humor that can be found here – today. Because today is all we ever have. Peace! -Law-Mom

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