We’re all guilty of sticking our feet in our mouths sometimes. The following are real comments we, or our friends, have received or overheard:
Law-mom’s Favorites:
WAHM to Widow: “Oh, I would like to work, but I just don’t have the time.”
Mom: “How long did you push?”
Law-mom: “I had to have a C-section.”
Mom: “Oh, you cheated.”
Child #1: “Mom, can we go to McDonalds?”**
Mom standing nearby, to her child: “Yes, that’s right sweetie. WE don’t go to McDonalds.”
Child #1 won’t enter a store, because there is a dog in it and she is terrified of dogs. She has also just recently spent 1.5 days hospitalized because of a severe allergic reaction to dog dander.
Store clerk: “You know, you really should make your child spend more time around dogs.”
Econ-mom’s Favorites:
On the subject of how my firstborn went to bed so late (before he was diagnosed with autism and we started melatonin, he went to bed at around 11pm):
Other mom: “I put my child to bed at 8:30.  I could just never deal with them staying up so late.”
Me (in my head): So… you would just lock them in their room at 8pm and go about your business?  Guess what friend? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it is that you cannot force another person’s body to go to sleep, try as you might.
“Gosh, your children sure get sick a lot.”
(Honestly, what is this supposed to mean?  How about I’m so sorry your child is sick again and leave it at that?)
At the airport in a giant security line, after my son (who was probably 4 at the time) got bored and started crawling on the floor.
“You know, that floor’s dirty.”
(Because, of course, if I had stopped him from crawling and caused him to throw a fit that would have been a better situation for everyone in that line.)
**McDonalds was nearly the only restaurant we could go to when my oldest was little because of her, at that time, six severe food allergies, and because: drive-through.***
***Why aren’t there more drive-throughs? Someone needs to capitalize on this. You can send me a percentage of your profits. You’re welcome.  [Econ-mom‘s response: YES to drive-throughs.  I never fully appreciated them until I had a napping baby in my car.  This, by the way, is one of the many reasons that Seattle is not a kid-friendly place to be.]